Healthy Home Inspections

With all of us being required to spend more time indoors than we usually would, we need to be more aware of the importance of a healthy living environment. 

As a Building Biologist, we specialize in looking at the building system as a whole and how it relates to the environment in which it is in.

There are many aspects of home biology and environment that need to be taken into consideration to allow our bodies to rest, repair and avoid continuous stressors. Some of the services I offer to assist with this are as follows:

New Construction Planning and Implementation

  • Pre-construction design review
  • Electrical system critique to minimize electrical radiation
  • Wired internet installation recommendations
  • Water purification system recommendations
  • Home placement and site recommendations

Indoor Air Quality Assessment

  • Volatile organic chemical assessment & interpretation
  • Mould assessment & remediation recommendations
  • Visual assessment plus lab-based assessment by:
    • Spore trap collection
    • ERMI assessment
  • Dust & particulate assessment
  • Objectionable smell search
  • Exterior drainage assessment & recommendations


Electromagnetic Pollution Measurement, Reduction and Shielding

  • Electromagnetic radiation reduction strategies
    • Magnetic fields
    • Electric fields
    • Microsurge electrical pollution (Dirty Electricity)
    • Solution management
  • Radio frequency radiation
    • Shielding installation management
    • Reduction Strategies to meet lifestyle needs
  • Electromagnetic pollution measurement
    • Cellular antennas
    • Wireless routes
    • Cordless phones
    • Other wireless device pollution
  • Building wiring magnetic fields
  • Building wiring electric fields
  • Microsurge electrical pollution
  • Source location in preparation for source reduction

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